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Book One of the Orbital Missions

Quazar book by Arcadius Maze

Join Militia Space Fleet! Adventure in the Gambit Galaxy awaits! Militia Space Fleet enlists you to join the bizarre spaceship Orbital and its meager crew in this fun space escapade of galactic proportions, featuring confrontations with shady alien characters, fierce spacecraft skirmishes amongst the edge of a black hole and unfamiliar enemy assailants hell bent on tearing the galaxy a new one. Join Orbital on her quest! A disheartened and occasionally sober space captain. A small, dubious crew. A faulty yet loyal repair robot and an antiquated, highly malfunctioning spaceship. Follow along as together they are thrust into adventure and danger in a constant state of unreadiness. Teetering between total failure and heroic success, Captain Brant Zenith unknowingly leads the crew of Orbital towards the Gambit Galaxy’s greatest threat. Dive deep into space station saloons, where mostly legal dueling dens promote pistol-wielding combatants to settle their scores with weapon fire. A bet can be made on the outcome to claim a small fortune. Fantastical alien creatures, quizzically self-aware robots, combative space drones and potentially all manner of battles lie in wait. Follow Orbital’s crew in this first installment riddled with sharp, sarcastic humour, quick-paced action and a whole lot of disastrous violence. Life in the Gambit Galaxy may never be the same again.



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June 27, 2023



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Quazar book by Arcadius Maze

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